UAE Initiates its 5-Year Residency and Student Visa Program

Did you know, that UAE has the second highest number of universities in the world? Being only second to China in the race, United Arab Emirates is all set to become the harbor of education, intending to give tough competition to USA, Canada, Australia, etc. In order to expand its international education system and attract crowds of international students from all across the globe, UAE has introduced a 5-year residency and student visa program. In an attempt to replace its old laws of the 1-year student visa scheme, UAE now aims to offer an expanded enrollment plan for international students.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai made this announcement recently, to promote and patronize the education-based economy of their nation. Apart from the visa policy changes, new branch campuses and a rigorous admission and university process is underway.
Not only does UAE plan to offer 5 years of student visa and residency options, but it also plans to offer whooping 10 years of residency to exceptional students. In addition, this 1– year-residency run can be extended upon completion of their graduate degrees. This scheme is for students who live in UAE, dependent on their parents.
Dr. Warren Fox, the Chief of higher education for the UAE’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority, was reported saying that, “We are expecting significant growth in the number of students coming to study in UAE. This decision will not just benefit the UAE economy but also help higher education institutions and students. It is a win-win situation for everyone as you can now complete your education and explore future prospects.”
Appreciating UAE’s quality education and degree recognition, British Council’s Sally Ward said that, “It is really impressive, actually, for such a small country. They have made this very conscious decision to be open, to make this an area of focus, to promote the UAE as a destination of choice, to provide a wide variety of universities and courses and to find ways to encourage students to come to a stable community where they know they are going to get a high-quality education.”

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