Cambridge University’s Admission Blunder Affects over 400 Students

Every year, over 600 students apply for St. Catherine’s College, of the University of Cambridge. Only 150 out of the huge crowd of applications, get selected and are sent admission offers. However, this year, due to an email glitch, about 500 students, who had earlier been denied admission as they did not qualify the interview rounds; received congratulatory emails saying that they have been offered admission at Cambridge University. The reason for the glitch is reportedly, a mistake of an admissions’ staff member, who accidentally sent emails to the wrong list of students.  


St. Catherine’s is a constituent college of the prestigious University of Cambridge, located in Trumpington of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1473, St. Catherine’s, popularly known as ‘Catz’, now hosts over 70 fellows, 150 graduate students and 410 undergraduates.


The recent email blunder, where students received emails stating, “Congratulations on receiving an offer to come to St Catharine’s”, along with the fees, accommodation and term dates enclosed; has left an indelible scar on the student’s psyche as well as the institution’s reputation.


A concerned parent of a student who fell victim to this error condemned the incident and said,

“It is so unprofessional to send out a blanket email in this way and give false hope to young people who are in the middle of their A-levels. I know everyone makes mistakes, but you expect a bit better from Cambridge.”

In response to the same, a spokesman from Cambridge, who did not confirm the incident in its entirety, however, said that,

We can confirm that an error was made regarding an email distribution list. This was quickly resolved and an apology was immediately sent. We deal with large volumes of decisions and it is rare for an error to be made. We cannot discuss any individual’s application.”

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