MS in USA: A Guide to the Top Universities for Masters

Studying MS in USA


The USA is considered as one of the leading educators in the world. Many students prefer to go to the USA for pursuing higher studies. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of students who prefer to go to America for higher studies especially for studying Masters in Science. America is popular for its excellence in education. It is not only the quality of education but also the faculty and teaching aids are the reasons why many international students are attracted to this country for pursuing higher education. MS in USA in the field of science is a coveted course with many specializations. There are a number of universities for MS in USA that provide various courses and specializations in science. America has always warmheartedly welcomed International students from all over the world. It has been a home to many foreign students. Read here if you are interested in doing dentistry in the USA.

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Top 5 Universities to Study MS in USA

These are the best universities for doing MS in the USA:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research University that is based in California. This famous Institute of Technology was founded in the year 1861. The institute is renowned for its research works in the various fields. Physical sciences and engineering, biology, economics, linguistics, management are all covered under its research.This Institute is very often spotted in the list of the best colleges in the world. MIT is a residential University. This University is a home to many foreign students. Majority students in this institution have enrolled for professional or graduate courses. This university provides various graduate or Masters program in science.


2. Stanford University


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Next on our list is the most popular University in the USA. This university is again a private research-based University founded in 1885 and located in California. It is considered as world’s most prestigious college by many international students. Students pursuing courses from this university have multiple advantages as this University has a huge Global reputation. There are many scholarships and financial aids that are awarded by the University to the international students. Yearly about 80% of the students receive some form of financial assistance for their studies in this university. Pursuing a Masters program from this University is indeed a lifetime experience for the students. This university is known for academic excellence and high-quality education which makes its students stand out from the crowd.

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3. The University of California

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The University Of California is a world-class public University which is based in California. This university which was founded in 1868 has been parting education to the world. The University Of California is quite popular among the students for its incredible diversity. Students love this university for its lovely weather and overall friendly environment and the school spirit and tradition that it maintains.The CAL also has amazing sports teams. This University is a cesspool of knowledge, creativity, and progressive ideologies. It is a University that provides world-class education and has been constantly ranked among the top universities in the USA. It is the best public University in the United States. Another advantage of this University is that it has world-renowned professors to train and guide its students. It is ranked at the 18th position in the world university rankings. It is among the Top 10 most reputed universities in the world.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta


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Georgia Institute of Technology is another popular university. This university is a public university that is located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America. This university is popular as Georgia tech.This institute of technology was founded in 1885 as Georgia school of technology. Within a few years, this institute came to be the best technical institute and research university in its locality. Today Georgia tech contains about 31 departments that focus on science and technology and is a leading institute that provides best master programs. Georgia Institute of Technology is ranked 7th among all public national university is in the USA. Georgia Institute of Technology is globally known for its engineering and business programs. It ranks 34th among all universities in the USA. Among the universities in the world, it ranks at the 71st position.


5.Carnegie Mellon University


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Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university which was founded in 1900. The university is located in Pittsburgh. This University has been a student-friendly university which has been supporting and educating numerous international students. This University has been imparting education beyond borders. It has students from over 114 countries. It has the account of about 13650 foreign students. It has the ablest and efficient teaching staff to train and guide its students. This university also has campuses in different parts of the world. It has campuses in Qatar and Silicon Valley. It is ranked 25th in the United States of America. Among the world’s best universities it is ranked at 77th position.


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The USA, as we all know has been a leading education hub. Many world class Universities and institutions are in the USA which is the main reason many students prefer going today USA for pursuing higher education. The additional advantage of studying in the USA is that the degree from the USA is globally recognized and also has a higher value in many countries. Students also get an opportunity to interact and learn from a new culture. Studying in the USA will be a lifetime experience which would help a student grow both personally and professionally. What are your views on our post about MS in USA? Do share it in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback and suggestions.

MS in USA: A Guide to the Top Universities for Masters
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MS in USA: A Guide to the Top Universities for Masters
Many students prefer to go to the USA for pursuing higher studies especially for studying Masters in Science. Read here about the best universities for MS in USA for the field of science.
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