What we do
At AdmitKard, you will find the best set of curated universities and courses with their information, and an easy to apply process. We want to make the process of guiding future students simple and a matter of pleasure and not stress. Our vision is to use data and analytics to objectively guide students to find the best match for them.
Why AdmitKard
We closely understand the concerns of the students, and aim to proactively create solutions to make the overseas application process quick, efficient and personalized. We provide a one-stop solution to all your study abroad needs, saving students valuable time, money and effort.
Direct Information:
AdmitKard provides effortless access to relevant information for over 500 universities and 18000 courses
Instant match:
The AdmitKard strategy helps match students with the universities and courses which best fit their profile and preferences
Easy Application Management:
Simply upload your documents once and send applications to multiple universities, with the ability to track the application status
Expert Guidance:
Our experienced mentors are trained to provide unbiased and quick assistance to cater to all your needs
Who we are
We are a team of IIT/IIM alumni led education enthusiasts who are on the mission to globalize education. We have a cumulative experience of over 20 years across consulting, technology and marketing and want to bring the opportunities of global education to every student's doorstep. We are guided by a strong alumni network from leading universities across the world.
Our Advisors
Pulkit Gupta
University of Michigan (USA)
MS in Computer Science
Varun Belgudri
Duke University (USA)
MS in Engineering Management
Surya Mohan
Columbia University (USA)
Master of Business Administration
Tarang Jain
University of NSW (Australia)
Masters in Information Systems
Sanchit Agarwal
Syracuse University (USA)
MS in Information Management
Abhishek Jain
INSEAD (France)
Master of Business Administration
Subir Sabharwal
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (USA)
MS Physics
Arpit Gupta
The Johns Hopkins University (USA)
PHD Theoretical Physics